You can order the products you want to buy on in two ways: online (online) or by phone. As in a classic store, you first need to find the products you want to order on the site. Using the “Add to Cart” button located on the page of each product, you place a specific product in the “Cart”. You can put one or more products in the basket.

When you have selected the desired products and want to see what you have put in the basket, click on the small icon “Basket”. In the “Basket” you can choose how many pieces of one product you want to order. Also, “Basket” has the option to remove certain products from it. You order products from the “Basket” by clicking on the “Continue payment” button. In the steps that follow, you will need to provide information about the customer, delivery address and choose the method of payment. The last page of the ordering process will show you in detail all the details of the purchase order and all the costs. Then you confirm your order or cancel it.

By clicking on the “Execute order” button, a purchase order will be created and an e-mail containing all the elements of your purchase order will be sent to you immediately. After creating the purchase order, you can follow the preparation of the shipment via the link “Your side”.

Important note: Before you start ordering, you need to register. The “Registration” link is located at the top of each page of the site. Registration is done to identify users and ensure the privacy of your data. Once you register, every time you visit the site from the same computer, the system will immediately recognize you and you will not need to log in again. If you do not want to register you can still buy our products as a guest. If for any reason you are not able to order the desired products through the site, you can order by phone.