Fungojug D.O.O.

Fungo-Jug d.o.o. from Leskovac was founded back in 1990 with the main activity of purchase, processing and export of forest fruits and mushrooms. The company’s activity is expanding from year to year, as well as processing capacities. Today, this company is engaged in the purchase, production and sale of frozen cultivated and forest fruits and mushrooms.

Since 2005, the company Fungo Jug doo operates in accordance with the principles of the quality system ISO 2001: 2008, within which the principles of the HACCP system are integrated and it is a certified food producer. The company employs workers of all necessary professions with decades of experience in this business, which guarantees top quality products, so the company’s policy is to recognize the needs of its customers and adapt the product to their wishes quickly and efficiently, taking care that each product is top quality.

In addition, the company owns and successfully develops the Artfood brand within its business. The Artfood brand was created in 2010 and is protected in the Intellectual Property Office. The main characteristic of these products is NATURAL: no preservatives, colors, flavors.

The Artfood brand is experiencing its expansion in the development of healthy food in the period from 2012 until today. At the request of you, our loyal consumers and users of healthy food, our team has developed various categories of healthy products under this brand: home fruit juices and fruit syrups, low-calorie fruit jams with fructose, jams and marmalades, natural vegetable juices, fructose compotes, products in oil, deep-frozen fruit desserts, packaged fruits and mushrooms, deep-frozen breaded products, fruit teas and dried healthy products.


Your Artfood team.

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